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Children's Services

Even the littlest lady or gentleman enjoys some relaxation now and then. Some of our most popular services have been customized for some of our smaller patrons. Our children's services are available to both girls and boys, ages 4-12 years old*. 

Tiny Tip Manicure - 30 minutes, $12
Little hands get into lots of things! Enjoy a finger soak, nail filing/shaping, hand massage and color polish. This tiny manicure is finished with your choice of two nail decals. Regular nail art fees will apply to any additional nail decals or artwork requested.

Rosie Toesie Pedicure - 30 minutes, $15
Tickle little tootsies with a tiny pedicure. Enjoy a foot soak, nail trimming, foot scrub, massage, and color polish. Finish dazzling the toes with your choice of two nail decals. Regular nail art fees will apply to any additional nail decals or artwork requested.

Mini Massage - 5 minutes, $5 
A gentle Swedish massage of the back, shoulders, and arms while seated in a massage chair. You stay fully dressed and no lotions/oils are used. A relaxing treat for our young clients.
(Please note that if a child is too small to properly fit on the massage chair, the massage will be modified to have them lye on the massage table instead.)

*Because some of our products contain fragrances, wheat, essential oils, etc. - it is imperative that you inform us of any allergies your child has before they receive any services. Please understand that in some instances we may not be able to perform a service if a product used in that service does not have any type of substitute. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that when you bring a child for services, you are responsible for their supervision at all times. There are many things in the spa that are tempting and little hands may want to touch them.  While we understand accidents happen, it can be costly to repair/replace items, therefore, you will be held responsible for any damages caused to equipment, décor, products, etc. that your child may cause. Thank you for your understanding.




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