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Massage Therapy

Melt away your stress and tensions with a relaxing massage. Reduce muscle pain and tension, lower stress levels, enhance mental focus, increase flexibility, and promote overall well-being. When you want to escape, we have just the right massage for you.  

Every body is different, so we customize the massage for you.  We utilize a combination of Swedish (light to medium pressure) and Deep tissue (firmer, deeper pressure) techniques. Depending on the client's needs, our therapist may also utilize complimentary tools such as cupping, aromatherapy oils, and/or fascia blasters to enhance the massage so it is unique to you.  

Each of our Massages lasting 30-45 minutes are for targeted areas, such as the back or the upper body. Massages lasting 60 minutes or more are designed as full body* massages and include 5 minutes of 'quiet time' on the table at the end of the session, for you to relax and regroup your thoughts, before returning to the 'real world'. 

30 minutes, $35 
45 minutes, $50  
60 minutes, $60  
80 minutes, $80
90 minutes, $100

Mommy's Miracle - A nuturing treat for the expectant mother before her tiny miracle arrives. A gentle combination of massage techniques and proper positioning are used to ensure comfort, reduce stress, and ease muscle tension. (Please Note: Massage can be contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy, therefore, we offer Pre-Natal massage to women in their 2nd or 3rd (13 - 40 weeks) trimester of pregnancy, NO exceptions!)

30 minutes, $40 
60 minutes, $65

The Melt - 60 minutes, $75
Melt away your stresses with this 60-minute massage featuring aromatherapy and the use of hot steamed towels on the face, back, hands, and feet. This massage provides a heated relaxation that will have you melting into the table. (Ask about adding paraffin on the feet or hands ~or both!~ for additional relaxation!) 

Serendipity Stone - 80 minutes, $100
Discover the most profound relaxation with heat and stones. This stone treatment features basalt stones heated to just the right temperature combined with traditional massage techniques to relax the body, aromatherapy to ease the mind, and just enough pampering to soothe the soul. Melt away your troubles from head to toe with the ultimate massage.

Table Time
If you ever wished you had more time on the massage table before you have to get up and return to the 'real world', then Table Time is for you. A guaranteed slot of uninterrupted time, following your massage, to bask in the relaxation of the moment, or simply take a well-deserved nap. 
10 minutes - $10
15 minutes - $15
20 minutes - $20
30 minutes - $25

Enhance your Massage with the addition of:
Paraffin on hands or feet - $10
Sweet & Salty Body Glow** - $50
LED Amber Light Therapy - $50

*Full body massage includes head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and back. Posterior hip/gluteal area can be worked on as requested or as therapist deems necessary, with client permission. 

**Body wraps and scrubs are currently suspended and are not available at this time. 

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