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Spa Policies

What to Bring
     What you bring depends upon what services you are receiving and your own comfort level. We provide wraps, robes, slippers and a locker for some services. For hydrotherapy and tanning services we provide disposable undergarments, but you may wish to bring your own swimwear instead. We ask that you leave valuables at home as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property. If you have use of a locker, we suggest locking your personal belongings there, if not, please keep it with you at all times. 

Medical Information
     We ask that you fill out a client profile, which includes a brief medical history, at your first visit. This information helps us to determine if precautionary measures are needed due to medical conditions or allergies you may have. Please note this information is kept confidential and is used only to enhance your services. We would ask that you update this information anytime your health status changes. If you are pregnant or have shellfish/iodine allergies, please notify us when booking your appointment as some services are prohibited. 

Cell Phone Use
     We strive to keep a relaxing and stress-free environment here at the spa. To assist in this venture, we ask that communication devices be turned down or silenced inside the spa by turning them to vibrate, very low-volume, or powering them down. Feel free to leave our phone number with friends or family in case of emergency. We allow the use of our telephone for local calls only. This request is made as a courtesy to other guests and to yourself, so no one is disturbed during their 'me' time. 

     We love children too, however, we do not offer babysitting services. Part of our spa's charm is the relaxed adult atmosphere. Unless your child is receiving a service, we ask that you leave them at home, in the care of someone you trust. If your child accompanies you to the appointment, you are responsible for their supervision during the service. If your scheduled service does not allow for this (i.e. facial, massage, etc.,) you will be asked to reschedule the appointment. Please note that you are responsible for any damages to products, equipment and the general facilities that your child may cause. 

     We do not include a gratuity in our service prices because we feel this is an individual choice. If you wish to bestow a token of appreciation on your therapist, you may do so upon check-out. An envelope can be provided to you at the front desk, or if you prefer, you may give it directly to the therapist. The gratuity may be added onto a check or credit card payment. (If adding to a card payment, please let us know prior to swiping the card.) 

     Payment is expected at the front desk, at the conclusion of your visit. We accept cash, (local) check, and charge - Debit, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. For processing purposes, we ask that purchases be a minimum of $5. Please note that checks returned to us, for any reason, are subject to service fees up to $50, in addition to the original check amount. 

     Please notify the Spa Manager immediately if you are not satisfied for any reason. We ask that you let us know within 3 days of a service if you have an issue with the service or the therapist and within 5 days for retail products. If we do not know there is a problem, we cannot fix it. We want you to be happy with your spa experience, so let us resolve any issues, as soon as possible.

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